Halloween part III

So, now it's finally over.
Yesterday I went Trick or Treating with a friend of mine called Becca and a friend called Chris and others. It was so funny! We ran through the neighbourhoods collecting candy, we really ran, we didn't just walk, that would have been to easy. I have a bag full of candy!
The people I was with were so cool and nice!

Despite of that the teachers give us so much homework to do right now, I just don't know when to do it all. And I'm so not motivated to do the ca-thing
Besides I had to do my talk in health today, about smoking. I didn't think it was good, even though she said so.
In acting we have to do monologues now. that's difficult!

And I am tired today. That's why I won't go jogging even though I'd love to. But yesterday we ran, and the day before that I worked out with a video from the 70's

See you guys

PS: Doris, ist schon Ok ich finds sehr lustig koennte mir auch passieren.

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Cause I had a great day...

Yesterday -Friday- I had such a great day, I woke up with a smile in my face this morning.

First we had school, it was fun. We had a spirit assembly and because of that the classes were shorter
And I talked to my locker neighbour that day, for the first time.
Explanation: locker=schliessfach neighbour=nachbar got me?
we see each other nearly everyday, but yesterday we were talking

After spending about 45 minutes home, Kathleen and Spencer picked me up and we went to the movies'. We watched Marie Antoinette, don't watch that movie! It's so boring and stupid! The only things Kathleen and I enjoyed were all the dresses and shoes and all the food. But the movie was so bad! However we get extra credit for watching that movie in french

When I came home I made my dinner: pancakes, tomatoes, krautsalat, chocolate, and after that Lauren and I styled us up. Man, we looked so good! I teesed Lauren's eyebrows (for the first time in her life!) and helped her with her eyeshadow. We picked out outfits and then we were picked up by Justin(no you haven't heard of him before) to hangout.
Oh, Mama I did my hair the way Detlev showed me
First we went to the footballgame of olathe south against olathe east (two highschools). Justin goes to Olathe South, and I met Simon there! Simon from Germany, he goes there, too.
However, we met Lauren's Justin there (they are not really boy- and girlfriend although Lauren would like it that way, it's just complicated with two Justins when you want to talk about them!)
Then we went to Applebee's (restaurant/bar) and hang out there. It was so much fun! I met some new people and Justin (not Lauren's Justin) and I were talking for hours. Then it was time to take us home, so we left.

I had a great day!

Yours, Maike

PS: Mama, you need to write me and my mom an email to say that I can go to the east coast, I have to send the letter to yfu to get a place, but I can't without you telling me and my mom I can go for sure. This is not about the natural parents signature, I'm going to send that to yfu later. I just have to send one form to reserve a place. So please tell me AND my mom!

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moin moin mausfans

I am doing very good. Everything's alright.
My weekend was one of the best I had here, well ok, I had other good ones, but this one was very funny!
Ok I told you about friday didn't I? Well On saturday, Lauren, Justin and I went ice skating and to red robin.
And on Sunday, in the morning, Lauren and I had a little study hall going on in my room, we were basically just listening to music doing homework and talking, all of the sudden, Justin called and told us that he just turned into our neighbourhood. we wre still in our pyjamas and hadn't taken a shower. so we just put on some jeans and a jacket and hangout with him.
today school was ok. kind of boring though.
i already have lots of plans for the weekend. friday I'm going to hang out with justin in the afternoon and in the evening there is a movie night of the german club at melanie's house.
I am trying to figure out how I could get to go bowling with markus(form germany) on saturday, since I need a ride there. and on sunday it's emily's confirmation.

see you guys, maike

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Oh well,...

nothing really extraordinary happened the last days.

Except that the Auditions for the high school musical will be soon, and I have to fill out some forms, it will take so much time! In january we'll have rehearsals nearly every day.

I had to decide wether I'd prefer being in the swim team or in the musical, but mom made my decision easier: "can you swim at home? -yes. can you do a musical at home? - probably not.."
so there was my answer. yeah!

But the other thing is that it is really expensive! But Ms V said something about arranging a scholarship for me, isn't that the coolest thing ever?! I sure have to ask her about that again.

I am so looking forward to my weekend! Friday will be such a cool day! After school Justin will pick me up and we are going do something, in the evening we'll go to melanie's where we'll have a movie night with the german club. (mel's mami will cook ) and afterwards we'll do something again

anyways, I am so tired! So I guess I see you guys in a couple!

Bye bye

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Yesterday was a nice day.
Ok first of all, I have to make something official, I dated Justin.
Now, all the other things will make sense for you.
Yesterday he picked me up and we drove to a prak and went for a long walk. We talked about everything (because things have been quite complicated, but that's a long story) and it got way better between him and me, but still it's awkward between us and I don't exactly know what it is, that is there. (you guys get what I mean?)
Anyways, we went to Mel's house afterwards and then the germanclub people came. We all had dinner together and then we watched Goodbye Lenin, in German, with English subtitles, that was so weird!
Then they left and Justin, Mel and I hang out for one or two hours. (Oh and I tried on two dresses of Mel, and now we know which one I'm going to borrow for the winter formal, another dance, it is so awesome!)
Then Justin took me home (and we passed his house, I have no clue why, but he wanted to show me his house).
At home I shared a kinderriegel with him, and he says he's addicted now. kinderschokolade is heaven (thank you so much, sonja)

Today the AC (Air conditioner) woke me up at 7:10 and I was so upset. Well, then at about 11, Lauren came down and we lay in my bed talking about our evenings. (She met her Justin again, and he's still with his girlfriend)
In the afternoon Mom took her and me to American Eagle, to shop. I got a top and a longsleeves-shirt, it is so pretty!
And now I am sitting here. Dad just came home, he's been to vegas the last three or four days. He brought me earrings and a necklace, they are so cute and match to my brandnew outfit!
Mom is just preparing the dinner, she's making meatloafs (or something like that) and the way she explained it to me sounds really gross. But...we'll go to Red Robin later and I'll have fries there. Melanie will pick me up at about 7:40 and we'll meet Spencer and Kathleen over there. I'm excited!

Tomorrow Emily'll get confirmed. First I've got to go to a one hour ceremony and afterwards everyone's coming over to our's and we'll have cake and icecream. And I tell you one thing, even though it sounds boring(and it will be!) you don't want to miss cake and ice-cream! That's yummy to my tummy

Bye guys! Yours, Maike

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Oh yeah, Maike hat sich wieder mal bis auf die Knochen blamiert.

Ich habe Spencer angerufen um ihm zu sagen, wann er im Red Robin sein soll. Also klingelt es ein paar mal, und dann kommt Spencer's voice saying: "Leave a message" also druecke ich eins (das macht man, dann kommt die message) und starte "Hey Spencer this is Maike, I just called to say that you guys..." Und am anderen Ende Faengt Spencer an zu prusten und stirbt fast.

Naja, desweiteren waren Mel und ich gestern sehr muede, deswegen waren wir dann auch schon um 10 oder so zu hause. Dann hab ich mit Lauren einen Film geguckt und bin dabei eingepennt. Bis Lauren mich aufgeweckt hat und ich beinahe einen Herzanfall hatte.

Dann bin ich ins Bett und hab da weitergeschlafen, tierisch interessant, ist es nicht?

Und jetzt mal zu euch, ich habe seit 2 oder drei Tagen keine einzige email bekommen! Noch nicht mal doofer Spam!
Ich weiss, dass ich selber ja auch nciht mehr so haeufig schreibe und so, aber trotzdem.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Maike

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Scholarship, baby!

wooo hoo! Miss V will fix it for me and so on Thursday I'll have the sing and dance and on Friday I'll have the acting audition. I am so excited. Chances are high that I'll be picked.

The musical is called "Once upon a matress" and it is basically about that tale about the princess who sleeps on all that matresses with a pea on the bottom. I think hat will be cool.

On Sunday evening Lauren and I got picked up by Justin (her Justin) and we went to Red Robizzle (for shizzle) (ok ok ich hoer ja schon auf so peinlich zu reden).
Melanie joined us later. And Justin broke up with his girlfriend, so Lauren is very excited

Today I had the best Healthclass in my life. First when we came the teacher came in, she was like:"Ok get out a piece of paper, we'll have a pop-quiz about section 5, stress-reduction"
And everyone was waking up and yelled: "But you never told us to read that" And she said: "sorry, it was on the board"
After taking the quiz and lots of "gemaule" she finally told us: "ok guys, throw that papers away, I just stressed you out, and this will be our new topic"
And for the rest of the class(about 69 minutes) we practiced Relaxation techniques, which basically means, we slept.
Oh, but before that we had to lie down and close our eyes and she told us to imagine a place where we feel absolutely stressfree, and how it feels, smells, looks like and stuff. I imagined my bed at home in Germany

Now I've got to go, since we were supposed to leave 2 minutes ago, to go to Applebee's for dinner

See you guys

PS: In meinem Posteingang herrscht gaehnende Leere. Also an mir solls nicht liegen

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