It's hot today.
It's 89 fahrenheit, that's about 31 degrees celsius.

Yesterday Melanie, her parents, her sister and her sister's boyfriend went to the Oktoberfest in Kansas City.

It was so great and funny. The band which was rented was from germany, and many people were able to speak it. Everyone wore T-shirts that said something about Germany or had other things that made me proud! There even was a stall that sold Warsteiner! We had Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel for dinner and we had much fun!
Afterwards we went to Red Robin for fries and drinks and met Lauren there, Melanie's parents didn't go with us there. It was really funny!

Today I am kind of bored. I finished my homework and I want to ride our bikes to Starbucks, but Lauren thinks it's too hot.
I will propably walk to the mail office later, because I can't stay at home all day or I'll go crazy.

See you guys. Maike

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The parental control list

I've never been as controlled as now!

ok, I tried to write some of you emails, but I don't think I reached everyone (I don't have all email-adresses etc)

Our new Parental Control list won't let me write entries in my blog. I will tell Dad and I hope he'll fix it. Right now, I am sitting in my french class, but don't worry, the lesson hasn't started yet.

So, only that you know.

Uh, by the way, you won't believe what I am wearing today! My pink trousers (traininghose) and a black t-shirt (son bisschen schlabbermaessig.


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Test, test, test

It works again!

Here's what made me very happy today: I found out that I can log on in icq2go at school. (at home I can't, parental control list you know)
So I talked to some of you and I was so excited. So were Spencer and Elyse when they came by from time to time.

Oh my god, that was so cool! That made my day awesome!

Anyways, did I tell you about the project in acting? We have to do a scene with a partner, we have to memorize it and we have to work hard to present it, it will be graded. My partner is awesome. Miss V told us about choosing a good partner and from then on, I knew I wanted him!
We already chose our scene which is hilarious! Even when we read through it we couldn't stop laughing because it's so absolutely funny.

However, my english teacher decided to do a project too. Much work at the moment.
We have to write a research paper. My theme can be any topic about having a family, I will perhaps do "family vs career". But it's hard because we have to find sources and my parental control list forbids me nearly everything. Well, I din't even knoe what to look for.
Besides we have to read Frankenstein and write logs on every chapter (man that is so hard to understand in english).

Oh and my sisters are fighting all the time, which is kind of funny to watch. I'd love to participate, but I don't really want to get involved in this "pubertaeres" drama.
Right now it's about Emily's halloweenparty and that lauren isn't invited and "they aren't your friends, they are mine!" and so on. they start in the morning and stop before going to bed. sometimes it's exhausting, but I try to not lose my humour and smile at their argues

By the way, I didn't have swing dance club today because our leaders are sick. But tomorrow we'll have german club!

So, see you guys! Bye

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The Amish-murders

Thanks for remembering me Matti.
I read about it today in the newspapers and we discussed it in french and in ca. In ca it was kind of emotional because my teacher is kind of a mormon or something and I think he even has been amish some time ago. But I'm not quite sure about all this stuff.

Oh and Martin, the parental control list forbids everything that could bring shame on me, could murder me, could hurt me in any way, or that could cause any mental harm to me.
(funny that it forbids me most online-newspapers and stuff like that)

well ok now I really have to go, bye

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That's what an american friend of mine can say now, and it sounds so sweet when she says it!

I just came back home with my family (except Lauren), we went to a mexican restaurant. It was so unbelievable good! I had chicken-avocado enchiladas with spicy rice and beans. Oh I so enjoyed that meal! I even took one of the two enchiladas home, so I can eat it tomorrow.
But now I have to take the consequences: my stomach hurts!
Besides, our familytime was very nice today! We talked a lot, and we had fun together. It was really so-called "family-quality-time". They explained to me the reasons they took me and no one else. It was really interesting.

And (surprise,surprise) I had school today. Acting was so much fun. Oh my god, I have to laugh only by thinking of our scene! My partner and I have this incredible funny scene and we both have to concentrate a lot, not to break out in laughing while acting.
There are several parts in the play, they are horrible, but in a positive way, you know.

ok, now I will watch "Cheaper by a dozen" which is supposed to be funny.

See you guys, Maike

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Go, Jag, let's go!

hi everyone!

just came home (spencer brought me) from tonight's footballgame.
But I surely have to start at the beginning.

Today was not a normal schoolday, it was an assembly-day (and all-block, so we had every class).
That meant that every class only lasted about 45 minutes and after the third class we had an assembly, but I'll explain that later.
first class: health, eeeeehm, what did we do? oh well, I broke my teacher's stapler and besides we learned how to calculate fats.
second class: french, we ate donuts, watched the last skit and chatted.
third class: government, test! I messed up as usual, but I think I'll get my A, as usual.
fifth class (no fourth class, because no jag on allblockdays): history, quiz (with open notes) so basically just copy
sixth class: Ca (english), ehm, go on reading frankenstein and more instructions about our research.
seventh: acting, we have chosen another end of our scene and it is so good now!
eighth: algebra, sitting, waiting, watching the clock

assembly: basically about shouting, crying, showing school spirit, the freshmen (9th grader) were supposed to wear grey or silver, sophomores(10th grader) white, juniors (11th grader) red, and seniors (including me) black.
Oh I have to mention that those are our school colours.
So we just sat there while following the announcements, how great our school is, how sucessful our football team (and the other random groups ) are and so on and so on.

So in the evening Spencer picked me up and took me to the footballgame, we met some friends there and it was fun! I am kind of tired right now because I had a long day and I will have to get up early tomorrow, because I'll be picked up at 9.

Then I will go to the world's of fun, which is a great amusement park in downtown! I am excited!

Hear from you guys, and mama, write an email to angelika and ron!

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let me rephrase myself:

Tomorrow I'll go to the World's of fun, not today.

so, why did I get up so early? Don't know...

Perhaps I am lucky and someone takes me shopping today instead.


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