danke, danke, danke

bei euren lieben eintraegen kommen mir, ganz ehrlich, ein zwei (oder auch mehr) traenen der ruehrung.

sonja und tini, sind ja so lieb, ich wette, dass war sonjas idee, hab euch lieb!

und danke fuer diese wunderschoenen blumen mama, der strauss ist riesig und wunderhuebsch!

ich habe uebrigens die email bekommen mit dem familytree, martin kann dir das erklaeren. er war richtig. aber ich habe es heute erst gemerkt und der familytree ist huebsch und gut, nur habe ich alles was ich nicht wusste ( das war viel) erfunden.

wir gehen jetzt auch schick essen (CHINESISCH!!)

happy birthday sofia und einen dicken schmatzer!

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Chinese Happy Birthday Song

On friday we went to a chinese restaurant because I was allowed to choose where to go to. I was an all you can eat-buffet and the food was excellent!

I had a lot of fun while joking around with my family! And then the chinese waitresses came with an ice-cream thing, sang happy birthday in chinsese, like you see it in the movies!

After taht when we came home I got my gifts and we ate some cake, but before eating, mom, grandma D.D and I went for a walk.

i had a great birthday, and again thanks to you all for phoning me, saying hi in emails or writing in my guestbook!

yesterday i got a library-pass and i already rent me a book, it is great!

and i watched this mivie called the brothers grimm, it was so scary! today i will join dad going to church and i still have homework to do.

so this will be all for now since i want to take a shower or go swimming or whatever

bye bye

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Last night I dreamed some weird stuff! And the shocking part of it is, that it was in ENGLISH!

Mom was very happy when I told her about that.

Yesterday I swam in the outside-pool while dad was sitting in the sun and reading his magazine and after I took a shower Mom and I went to run some errands. We went to Target where I got a gift for Emily whose birthday is on September 19, afterwards we went to Borders. I have had a ghift card for borders which is a store for music and books and stuff like that. I got a freat CD and a funny gift for Papa and Anna for Christmas.
Then we went to some stores to buy a gift for my mom's father whose birthday is on september 1, too. we are going to visit him today, i am excited since i have not met him yet.

After buying the gifts, we went to my bank to get some money and then (finally) we went through the starbucks drive-through and got two frappuchinos! Banana-mocha-frappuchino for me, I love it!!!

that was a nice afternoon, well all for now, i will ask mom if i can download icq!

bye bye

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Well, I have to say, I like Peanutbutter. I like it with cheese and I like it with banana, I even like it in chocolatebars. But how the heck can you eat jelly with peanutbutter?! even for me, that is way too much! a pro pos food: i ate steak yesterday, ich habe es gehasst, das war ja so ekelig! but I went to the supermarket with mom the other day and we bought kellogs red berries, allerdings sind die berries nur erdbeeren, und die sind nicht schoen sauer sondern sehr suess. und ich habe dunkles brot ausgesucht (kein tostbrot) es kommt dem deutschen aber immer noch nicht nah! und es gibt KEINEN multisaft hier! enough about food!

Today I went to the Swing Dance club for the first time and I totally love it! You won't believe how much fun it is, and I realized how easy it is to get in contact with others in clubs. that's why i am planing to join the german club. I already met the German teacher who is really nice and his german is pretty good! You could propably compare it to our teachers' english! and i signed up for the french club, but i think this won't happen because the meetings are on tuesdays and the swing dance meetings, too.
dancings leads my thoughts to sport, which leads me to my horrible muskelkater! i went for a run yesterday in the evening, and now my legs are hurting. and try to keep myself fit here. i try to go swimming as foten as i can, since it is for free for me. and it still is warm enough even while it's cooling down.

achja, german club, ein maedchen aus der schweiz, sie lebt hier seit 1,5 jahren wird ihn mit mir joinen, sie ist sehr nett!

mein gott, my german gets worse, but my english becomes better and better, i can speak more fluently every day. and i learn new words every day, too because i always ask my parents or friends or sisters or whatever of the meanings. and then i am very proud of using the word.

und nun zum thema augen, my doctor said he would be lucky if he had the same vision like me. so i don't need glasses! that's great isn't it?

tomorrow i have a health test, aber ich habe nicht den blassesten schimmer worueber. allerdings hatte den irgendwie keiner aus meiner klasse. too bad.
ich denke ich muss meinen austauschschueler-charm verspruehen. wird schon schief gehen.

achja, events that will happen soon:

September 16, Bowlingparty with yfu staff and other goes, hopefully I'll meet some of my orientation!
September 22, Baseball match!! of the royals! (live and for free)

und naechsten mittwoch wahrscheinlich erstes german club treffen! und bald wieder swing dance club!

achja und emily hat geburtstag am 19., ich habe ihr eine Kette gekauft, die sie sehr huebsch fand!

so, da ich morgen wieder mal um 5:45 uhr aufstehen muss, und muede werde, verabschiede ich mich jetzt um wieder lustige, absolut komische traueme in english zu traeumen. (mein letzter war ueber die schule und ich war irgendwie schon ein 3/4 jahr hier und es war echt verdammt komisch)

bye bye, maike (swing dance is so much fun )

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The other side of Carneval

I am going to go to a carneval tonight! It will take place on the parking grounds at our school, and I'll go with Emily and Lauren.

this is not what you expect to be carneval
(durch meine "deutsche kulturbrille", die auf den begriff karneval anders reagierte als man es hier erwartet, bin ich heute schon in drei fettbadewannen getrampelt, bis mich miene schwestern auf dem heimweg aufgeklaert haben)

also, beim karneval werden staende aufgebaut, die dazu dienen, die clubs der schule zu sponsorn und so. und man spielt spiele, ich glaube es ist sowas aehnliches wie kirmes (essen gibts da auch) aber ohne karussels.
i am looking forward to it!

my healthtest was easy, i got 44 points of 50! without charme or anything! and i got 30 points for my familytree

guess, that's all for now.

bye bye, maike

ps.: ich hab dir gestern schon geschrieben martin! trotzdem vielen dank fuer deinen lieben gb-eintrag!

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Homecoming und weiteres

Today a lot of things happened and yesterday, too.

Yesterday, Lauren, Emily and I have been to the Carneval, it was fun! I met some friends and it was fun hanging out outside of the school (even though we were still on the parking grounds).

Today I got invited by someone of my french class to watch the football homecoming game on friday night with him and his friends.
i am totally excited.

but i am even more excited about homecoming which is on saturday night! i will go with lauren and her friends, but let's say half of the whole school will be there! i am so lookind forward to it!

tonight we'll have pancakes and eggs and i don't know, but i am very hungry! in school i had some ananas as a dessert, they were good.

hi mama! don't work too hard, alright?
(sometimes i feel like talking like my acting teacher hehe: man, i got this huuuuuuge headache this mornin', does this make sense? it's monday, right? )
she is so wonderful!

hi tini, thank you very much! and debbi, thank you, too! now i know that you are thinking about me, sorry about that gb problem.

so see you tomorrow, wenn ich dann richtig nervous bin!

bye bye

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Absagen und Footballgames

Also, als erstes: Ich geh heute zum Football-homecoming-game!!!!

aber nicht mit den leuten, die ich erwartete, sondern mit Lauren.

But I am so very excited, this will be the first footballgame in my life! The marching band will play and the Cheerlearders will perform,too.

And tomorrow, the Homecoming will take place, today I bought my ticket! We will have a hair appointment tomorrow our hair will be fixed, perhaps I want to look for shoes, I don't really know if mine fit to the occasion. My dress and my shoes are very very "schlicht" compared to the american dresses and shoes and so on. perhaps I'll get white shoes, that would be great!

In February there will be another dance called "Sweetheart" because of the Valentine's day. I relly want a red dress for that dance!!!! That would be perfect!

School was much fun today, in health i chatted to Josh a lot, in Government I understood finally what we did the last three lessons.
in history we talked about lincoln's death, that was really interesting because now i know every detail about the whole plot and everything. did you know that the first two plans were about kidnapping Lincoln? and then they would "fordern" that the confederates win the civil war. well, i guess you don't really know what i am talking about, you can look it up
acting was so much fun today! we had rules about behaviour in theatres and we had to choose one of the rule and perform it with our group. i was in a group with 5 boys.

oha got to go, dinner's ready

i will write again later

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