It's coming down, Snow is coming down!

Yeah! It is snowing so much! The worls looks like a fairy tale and it's freaking cold outside!

Think of that: Saturday I was going outside with a t-shirt on, and it was hot! Today it is snowing and you can't really go outside because you fear you could freeze to the ground or something! I'll definitly take some pictures as soon as I dare to go outside again!

And tomorrow will be a snow day, too. No, I get why...

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Last night mom took me to a german christmas market, and it was kind of cool.
I got to see the chruch my Mom and Dad married in, it is so pretty. And Mom showed me where they lived.

Afterwards she took me to Melanie's and Mel and I watched a movie. "Lucky Number Slevin"! I strongly recommend this movie! The story is good and the cuts and setz are amazing!

I spent the night over there and today in the very early morning we had a self-defense course which is required for our modeling.

And now I'm very tired and waiting for Steve to come over.

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Wichtig: Autounfall

Steven und ich hatten heute einen Autounfall, aber es ist niemand verletzt.
Wir waren auf dem Highway und sind mit normaler Geschwindigkeit auf der linken Spur der zweispurigen Strasse gefahren. Neben uns war ein Grasstreifen und dahinter die entgegengesetzte Fahrtrichtung. Auf einmal ist da ein silbernes Auto und biegt ab. Es befand sich zu dem Zeitpunkt noch auf der rechten Spur, und wir waren ein paar hunderstel Sekunden davor ihn zu ueberholen.
Und dann konnte Steve auch nicht mehr ausweichen, denn der Fahrer ist einfach in unsere Spur reingekommen. Wahrscheinlich wollte er auf die andere Fahrtrichtung, da an dem Part gerade eine Pause im Grasstreifen war. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob es legal ist einen U-turn auf einem highway zu machen.
Dann sind wir zusammengekracht und unser Auto ist auf dem Grasstreifen zum Stehen gekommen.
Gott sei Dank haben wir eine Zeugin, die alles ganz genau beobachtet hat.
Niemand ist verletzt, aber natuerlich sitzt der Schock noch tief in unseren Knochen.
Der Fahrer des anderen Autos war ein 87 jaehriger Mann mit einem Hut, und er hatte zwei aeltere Frauen an Bord. Und man kann behaupten, dass es absolut seine Schuld war!
Stevens Auto ist nicht mehr fahrbar. Die Beifahrertuer liess sich nciht mehr oeffnen und das Vorderrad an der Fahrerseite ist platt und ins Auto reingekommen. Das hat uns naemlich gebremst.
Wir hatten echt einen Schutzengel an Bord.
Ich moechte nicht, dass ihr euch Sorgen macht, ich wollte euch aber nicht das ganze vorenthalten.
Liebe Gruesse, Maike

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First Rehearsal

I feel much better. Steve and I got to talk a lot about what happened, and that really helped me.

Today is NIKOLAUS! And the Nikolaus came all the way here from Germany! In fact the adorable package of Oma und Opa (Danke, danke danke!)
So I got up and arranged the shoes and everything, pictures will follow.

Furthermore I had my first musical rehearsal today. We practiced some songs, it is so much fun!

And I have huge plans for Saturday about which I'll tell you guys eventually.

I'll hear from you soon, Maike

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long ago

since I wrote I last entry here...Is that a good sign? Probably, even though I like letting you know what is going on in my life

For example: we have had lots of rehearsals by now and they are really fun!

And school is stressfull at the moment because we have final exams coming up next week. Our chirstmas break starts on the 21st of december, and the semester ends by then. So our first day of school after break will be the first day of the new semester.

Lots of my classes will change and I'm excited, but I also want to stay in some classes. My French class won't change and I won't change my history teacher, neither my acting teacher, that is all great. I won't have health and wellness and amercan government any more, instead I'll have Broadcast technology which is filming, and word processing which is tiping. But perhaps I'm going to change that tiping class because the teacher creeps me out.

Besides christmas is coming up soon and everyone gets more and more excited, I'm not an exception of that

Alright, now I have to go back and study for finals and do homework
I'll hear from you soon.

PS: if you haven't seen it yet, check my "zusatzseite" ---> bilder

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it's December 17th. That means that I've spent 4 months over here! It seems shorter.

Some friends will leave for home soon, after or before christmas. I don't think that's a good idea. I just arrived with everything. A friend who is just in New Zealand will return shortly after christmas, yet he is so jealous of me because I can stay here much longer.

Besides I noticed something really weird. It'll probably too strange for you to understand it, but I'll try to explain it.
I'm getting so used to English while speaking it all the time, I could even say I'm kind of fluent in English, even though I have some trouble from time to time. But I have that trouble in German too. So German and English mixes up in my head because I can't tell a diiference. Of course I can, but when I don't think about it I can't. I'll try an example:
Steve and I were watching a movie. Suddenly two of the characters were talking in German. I didn't realize it at all and was wondering what Steven wanted from me as he was poking me. I didn't know that he wants a translation because I didn't notice that someone was talking German.

One of my big fears is that I suddenly speak German with someone. I already did that to my hostfamily and I was so freaking ashamed! But on the other hand, when I talk to Melanie or Markus I randomly say English sentences. But that's not as bad because they speak it as well, and they do the same thing.

The funniest thing is on the phone, I am not allowed to speak German on the phone (only when I call Germany), but Markus and Melanie are. So I speak English they speak German. And I can really stay in English most of the time, but they have trouble staying in German

The last couple of days, I was working on my gifts for the people here and they turned out really good! I wrote a little story for my hostfamily. It is like a children's story, but it has a sense hidden in the words. It is about a little Bunny who hops around and asks all the other animals what home is. And everyone answered differently, and in the end the little Bunny knows what home is. If i ever feel like typing it, I'll put it in here.
Anyways, I wrote the story on nice paper and drew nice pictures everywhere. I am proud of it.

When you look at the pictures on the Zusatzseite, you'll see the picture which I framed and will give to Steve for christmas. Lauren took and developed it.

My schoolweek was ok, everyone is ready for the holidays. Next monday I'll have the final exams for Health and Wellness; French; and Government.
Next tuesday: History and English
next wednesday: acting and algebra

I have to study a lot, but even if I don't do good on most of the finals I get a good grade. The finals only count 10-20 %

And then we have holidays
Yesterday on Friday, I hang out at Mel's and we watched tv.
Today Steve will come over and we'll do something, wonight there is a school dance, but I don't know if we'll go because I wa supposed to go with Mel, but she's not that healthy at the moment, we'll see...

Alright, I'll hear from you. Maike

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I am sick. On monday I startet feeling terrible, but I made it through the finals. Well, I saw the school nurse in the morning and she gave me something that helped.
After arriving home I went to bed and slept the whole afternoon. Dad came and woke me up, my temperature was about 38-39 and I was feeling horrible. For dinner Mom made me some chicken-noodle soup and the I slept again. I slept so much, that was amazing.
Now I'm feeling better, but I still have a horrible cough and some temperature.

Did you ever notice that you always have a special food or drink when you are ill? I'm basically craving for zwieback-mit-kakao-und-banane, kinderriegel, or punika. Or whatever I was fed in Germany.

I hope you stay healthy

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